Speed Bumps On The Road To Perdition

A man needs a hobby to keep him out of mischief.

A Drinking Song,

sung in British military messes in Occupied Germany, with obscene variations, to the tune of “Marche Militaire.”


“Way over there in a

Small  town in Germany

There lived a shoemaker:

Schumann was his name.

Ich bin ein Musikant,

Ich bin fur das Vaterland,

I have a big bass drum

And this is how I play!”

(Followed by hands slapping on table tops).


Wilmington, Ohio, June 2012.  This is the mobile audio studio in the pits across from the timing lights.  A bit cramped, but gets the job done.  Just like at Bonneville, but without the salt.

My clan in Webster Groves allows me to escape on occasion for some rubbing elbows in Land Speed Racing.

Various stages of whiskers and complete lack of….

Late 70’s, mid-70’s, by 1984 I’d found my razor.

Milenium Square, Budapest, Hungary….

Best food in Eastern Europe, no question.  Stayed with a family who rented out their extra room, great breakfast, great city for tourists.

Out on the Olympic Peninsula one fall day….

A family outing in the Mideast….

Some photo for a visa back in the 1980’s….

Get a haircut, you swine, and maybe the East German border police won’t harass you.  Just sayin’….

Exiled to Siberia, on the postage stamp ranch in Aladdon, about 100 miles north of Spokane….

Cruising along on the north side of Unalaska Island in the Aleutians….

Off season from Alaska, down in Puertocitos, Baja….

At the cantina for my usual evening meal, pipe optional for dinner.

This bleached parcel of Mexico shows my old homesite on the hill to the upper right.